Balet Fest Sarajevo

Ballet Fest Sarajevo continues its life.

Balet Fest Sarajevo with its fourth editions, and the fifth that will take place from 19th  till 27th  September of current year, has grew into a respected and recognizable manifestation of which the original goal - the popularization of ballet – has been completed in its fullness. For performances that are taking place in the Sarajevo National Theatre  there is often requires for an extra ticket. The sound of ballet slippers on moonlight stage in a crowded hall of the National Theatre, the magic of ballet performed by the biggest and modern names  of the ballet choreography, is what gives the  audience the best way to experience the unique adventure of ballet and art of ballet.
Ballet is more than just a game, it combines the joy of endeavor, showing ballet as the competition of an emotional and spiritual life. For us this is also an invaluable opportunity to awaken an interest amongst the wider public in B&H for the art of ballet.
The mission of Balet Fest Sarajevo is to demonstrate the unique art of ballet in the best light of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian as well as European ballet, to give everyone a chance to discover the unique world of professionalism and to create possibilities for acquiring new exciting experiences provided by eternal art and beauty of ballet.


mr. Edina Papo, artistic Director

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